Father of two, AI Scientist @IID, Decision Intelligence Expert, Entrepreneur @DoXas


I am a scientist that aims to empower businesses and people through decision intelligence.

I obtained a Ph.D. in sequential decision-making in an uncertain context and have several years of experience, both in research and student supervision, as well as in analysis of artificial intelligence for business cases. I specialize in offering support and developing solutions adapted to the needs of both academic and industrial partners. I also have a keen interest in raising awareness on the ethical issues of data governance, particularly in industrial settings.

Machine Learning

The scientific knowledge of tools and algorithms needed to learn from your data.

Decision Intelligence

In order to help you collect, and process the data you need to fulfil your business needs.

Data Governance

Policies, strategies and tactics in order to use AI in a reasonnable and ethical context.

Strategic Planning

Building the path to the success of your business needs through AI.


Extracting the knowledge and the value from your data.


The coaching and training needed to ensure the perennity of your AI projects.

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